Friday, 1 January 2016

Railway Land Live 2016

Apologies for the low number of wildlife observations posted for 2015, which usually focus on my garden and the surrounding area.
I have been heavily involved in a fantastic project called Railway Land Live based on the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve in East Sussex.


As part of the project we installed 4 webcams in the reserve, two above water and two underwater - streaming live images. The cams captured some amazing wildlife from grass snake and newt courtship to tench, heron and we also followed a family of moorhen.
As apart of the project we worked with local schools I also write regular updates on sightings for the website.

You can still see library clips and lots of other information on the website from 2016.

The project was funded by Heritage Lottery and the project has now started its second (and final in regards to funding) year.
We only have two of the live cams (because of essential winter maintenance) working at the moment but we will soon have all four cams working.

So while there might not be as many sightings reported on this weblog - there will be lots of exciting stuff to see through the Railway Land Live website.