Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Gold and Greenfinch

A row of tall trees along the roadside just north of Easthill Park are used as a meeting place for both goldfinch and greenfinch before they head off to roost. The goldfinch and greenfinch appear to stick to adjacent trees instead of mixing. They are very noisy and difficult to miss. However, up in the top most branches they can easily be mistaken for sparrows by passers by.

There were about 12 goldfinches as I past at 3.20pm (on my way to pick our daughter up from school). The adjacent tree had about 30 greenfinches. As I watched a flock of noisy starlings descended into the next tree along. Goldfinches really are beautiful birds and this is a good time to spot then as they travel around in small noisy groups. Goldfinches will also visit gardens at this time of the year. They are particularly fond of the black sunflower seeds. These goldfinches appeared to glow as they caught the last rays of the sun

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