Friday, 11 January 2008

Woodpecker drumming

This is a late post for Wednesday 9th January. At 8.05am, while returning from taking my daughter to school, I heard the woodpecker drumming in a tree that backs on to Easthill Park. Just as I reached the tree, a second great spotted woodpecker apppeared and after a short chase the first woodpecker flew east to a large tree about 100 metres away. The second woodpecker then commenced drumming. There are three old trees in this area that are used for drumming.

In the evening, while waiting to pick our daughter up from youth choir, we saw a large adult fox cross the road by Carden School in Brighton. I include these explainations to illustrate how wildlife watching often occurs as part of a normal days activities. An enjoyment of wildlife need not be restricted to 'free time'

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