Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Sunny Day

Today was much brighter, although still a little cold. By afternoon the sun had warmed the garden and the bee fly was back, as were the buff tailed bumble bees. Several hoverflies flitted about and I noticed ants farming the aphids on the valarian. Hoverfly larvae feed on aphids. Maybe the adult was looking for a food supply to lay its eggs next to?

During the snowy weather the tadpoles appeared to migrate down to the bottom of the pond. Now, a large swarm of tapoles have come back to the surface and were wriggling about on the surface of the weed. Unfortuantely this is a mass of blanket weed. I managed to remove some a few days ago but its difficult as it is attached to the oxygenating plant. I have also started to add some Aquaplankton - a pond product left behind by the original owners of our bungalow. It is a natural product, slow working because it re-establishes the natural balance that caused the blanket weed to occur. It corrects the over nutrification and staves the blanket weed of nutrients. I have used it for a couple of years since we moved in and it seems to work well.

A small group of goldfinch were also flying and foraging in the large tree that overhangs our back garden.

Is it really only two days ago that the garden was complete covered in snow?

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