Wednesday, 18 June 2008


The swifts are still active next door. There appear to be two seprate nests under the eaves. As the swifts fly past in a small group they scream low over our garden, they are almost close enough to touch. However, when the swifts actually visit the nest they approach on their own and in silence.
I found the first froglet in the tank in my workshop. I removed it and released the baby frog into the vegetation on the edge of the pond.
First tortoiseshell butterfly in the garden

I discovered two leafcutter bees resting on tne rockery. It is very windy and they seem to be sheltering. I checked out a plant next to the pond that was used by leaf cutter bees last year and sure enough the tell tale signs that they have been using the leaves to make their nest. Will keep an eye out for more actvity.

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