Monday, 21 July 2008


Saturday 19th July, a small white butterfly visited the nasturtians in the window box, carefully depositing single eggs on some of the leaves.
Many of the eggs were on the exposed upper surface of the leaves. Butterflies have taste buds in their feet and can sense leaves that will be good food for their caterpillars.

Sunday 20th, I discovered a butterfly, wings crumpled as if it had recently hatched. The butterfly, possibly a gate keeper was hanging onto the long grass.
When butterflies first emerge from their crysalis they have to pump blood into their wings. Usually they would be ready to fly in about an hour. I went back later and the butterfly had gone.

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Hi. I found your blog as I was looking for a picture of a Hairy Footed Flower Bee... and then got immersed in the rest of your posts! My blog is called Urban Extension and is quite similar to yours (but in Dorset near to Poole). Thanks for the bee ident! Jane at