Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Nasturtiums 2

The nasturtiums have finally succumbed to the cold weather of the last couple of days. Even so, there are still many leaves and flowers unaffected.

I took a close look this morning and there are still caterpillars of the large white butterfly and the small white butterfly. It is unlikely that these will survive to become chrysalis.
Caterpillar of the large white Caterpillar of the small white


Jane said...

Well I can honestly say that my nasturtiums are well and truly dead... no life in them at all (a big soggy mess). You must be out of the frosts where you are! Jane

Steve Savage said...

We have had some very cold weather, but until the last couple of days we have not had any frost. We have had frost the last two days and many of the leaves have now withered but the leaves nearest the huse are still intact.