Thursday, 5 March 2009


As I walked up the road from home to the shops to get some lunch, I disturbed a sparrowhawk that was perfectly camouflaged on the low brick wall where it was perched. I was about a garden away when it took flight, which is when I first noticed it. It glided down towards the house, the garden slopes down quite steeply, turned left and glided along several gardens before an effortless flap of its wings took it up onto a rooktop. Usually I would have noticed it before I got so close, but I was looking down into the gardens thinking how much further developed everyone elses crocus and daffodils were compared to mine. Having said that I did not plant mine until October into November last year.

There are still a couple of frogs in our pond, but most seem to have left now. large areas of the pond are covered in frog spawn

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