Saturday, 21 November 2009

Fox V Cats

There is often concern by cat owners for the safety of their pet in regads to foxes. cats seem totally capable of holding their own, in many cases its the fox that is entering the cats territory which automatically gives it the upper hand. Ourcat thropws itself at the window if a fox passes through our garden.

Last night, we were awoken by the sound of cats outside our bedroom window, including our cat which we keep in at night (until the roost birdswoken up). It turns out she had burst her way through the locked cat flap to get out. She appears to have chased the fox down the side of the house and into the front garden.

When we looked there was our cat in the front garden, two other cats on the other side of the road and the fox cowered down in the road. I think it was just bad luck that the other two cats were there. As the cats on the otherside of the road slowly backed away, the fox got up and trotted off down the road.

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