Thursday, 9 September 2010

More bat observations

Apologies for lack of entries lately, due to workload and holidays. I am delighted to say the bats are just as active as ever in the track next to my house. I watched them yesterday evening, they now appear about 8.00pm
As our house is at a point where the track bends away, the bats fly straight up the track towards me, loop and head back down the track at about head height.
Some time they also circle the tree overhanging the left (opposite) side of the track, right next to our house.
Its great to watch them flying back and forth, which goes on for about 25 minutes before they move on. I had been hoping borrow a bat detector to determine species, but no luck I think they are pipistrelle, but its quite dark. But I managed to get a few reasonable pics this time. There at least two bats that were visible at the same time.

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