Monday, 18 October 2010

Where should I place my bird feeder?

The colder weather is upon us and its time to think about feeding the birds during the cold winter months. If you have not fed the birds in your garden before or you are looking for new places to put up food. Get your cue from watching how the birds use your garden.

Birds follow natural pathways, such as hedges, trees, flower borders and other places where they can naturally move from one place to another without exposing them to much to possible predators. This will include how birds come into and leave your garden.
A few weeks ago I placed a bird feeder in the buddliea in our front garden. It is a natural pathway from sparrows and the occasional blue and great tits. Today, for the first time I saw a pair of great tits and a blue tit feeding from the bird feeder.

Don't be surprised it is takes several weeks for birds to find and use your newly placed bird feeder. This is quite natural.

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