Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bee rescue

We have a great problem of insects coming into our conservatory in the summer, which if not removed they turn up dead behind a curtain. These insects include bees, butterflies, hoverflies and damselflies (latter from our pond).

We have tried all sorts of things to stop them, including a curtain made of strips of material side by side to make a curtain. Some still manged to get in. So it generally relies on us noticing and then catching them and letting them go in the garden.
Here is a queen red tailed bee.

Today I found a red mason bee lying on the carpet. At first I thought it was dead. I touched it with the hairs of a paint brush.
This rolled the bee over and it slowly rolled back. It was a very hot day.

So I got a plate and some cotton wool. I soaked the Cotton wool in a mixture of water and honey.
I carefully picked up the bee on the end of the paint brush and placed it carefully on the cotton wool.

After a minute or two the bee started to move a bit and appeared to be drinking the moisture from the cotton wool.
A few minutes later the bee moved across the plate and flew to the nearest flowers, a couple of feet away.

The bee then flew from one flower to another and eventually flew away.

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