Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tree Loss

The tree overhanging our garden has been cut down. We knew it was imminent and sadly it was necessary to do something with the tree. Due to bad cutting several years ago where the owner cut his side flat, new growth shot up, out over our garden and across our neighbours (to the left).
The tree before it was cut down

The tree (not a British Tree) was 3 times its size from when we moved in and towered twice the height of our bungalow. The engulfed our green house (cutting off most of the sunlight) and some of the branches stretched across the garden to within a couple of metres. Due to bad management of the tree in the past it was not too big and also potentially dangerous.

I would have preferred the tree was cut down to half its size. The tree was important to the movements of several bird species constantly moving through the gardens, especially goldfinch and blue tit. But the tree was not growing in our garden.

The days following the tree being cut down it was strange. The bird calls of goldfinch, sparrow and blue tit which were constant all day were silenced. I am pleased to say that the birds are beginning to adapt their movement and although we don’t get as many in our garden anymore, they are now passing through again.
The nearby nesting blackbirds continue to use our TV ariel as on of its singing posts. The echos of two other blackbirds, one to the south and one to the north, can be heard in the gaps between it singing.

A pair of goldfinches which are nesting nearby also use our TV ariel as a singing post.

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