Wednesday, 18 January 2012

More fox courtship

Yesterday, a fox was yelping in our back garden. I turned on the light and saw a large fox run across our garden, leapt up onto the flint wall and disappeared into the darkness. I did not see the fox again that evening but the eerie calls of foxes could be heard on and off all evening.

This evening I was again alerted by the sound of a fox and upon looking out of the sun lounger window I could see a large fox silhouetted on our back garden wall. After about 30 seconds it ran along the wall and leapt onto the shed roof. I went up stairs just in time to see the fox jump down onto the flint wall that runs alongside the house and watched it disappear around the front of the house. As I came down stairs a fox (maybe the same one) ran back along our back wall and disappeared down into the gardens behind.

As with the previous evening, the sound of foxes could be heard on and off during the evening.

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