Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fun in the Greenhouse

Things have been going very well in my green house. the lettuce is well on its way and the green beans have sprouted 2 leaves.
The tomato plants are a bit slow at the moment.

I have also planted a mixture of sunflowers including giant sunflower and multi-headed varieties.
I have also planted some more morning glory as it was so successful last year and the bees loved it. also some viola, nasturtiums and mixed wildflowers. The echinacea plants that I planted from seed last year have started to produce new leaves and I am hoping to have flowers this year.

I try to run my green house as sustainable as possible. many of the seeds are grown in re-used food containers such as stir fry vegetable, or fresh meat (cleaned with hot soapy water).
The markers are lolly sticks and the compost is mixed with reclaimed/sieved compost from last years large plant containers. Some of the water I use is collected rainwater.

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