Monday, 8 April 2013

Black Redstart

While I was working at the computer I noticed a bird out the window. It was on the gate post. I snapped a picture.
Then I returned back to the computer.

I noticed a bird at the feeder, which turned out to be a gold finch

Later in the day, while in  the garden I saw the original bird again. First it was doing a lot of head bobbing on the wall and then flew down into the road where I got a better look at it.
I think it is a female black redstart, (rather than a redstart) the first I had seen in Portslade and the first in the Twitten and our garden. I did not get clear views of the entire bird and the pictures also show the same kind of profile.
It is an attractive bird about the size of a robin.

I saw the blackredstart again a bit later in our neighbours tree.
I will keep an eye out to see if it stays around.

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