Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Chiffchaff enjoys overgrown garden

A visiting chiffchaff, probably a garden warbler, demonstrates why its important to leave your garden a little untidy during the winter.
This chiffchaff is seeking insects and other natural food in the garden including old overgrown flower pots.


Sarah said...

It's almost certainly a Chiffchaff. Garden Warblers haven't arrived yet and don't overwinter whereas Chiffchaffs do.

Steve Savage said...

Thanks Sarah, in my observations of the bird it looked longer bodied, but should have looked at the pictures more closely. I did not see the marking above the eye

Due to many reasons, I was unable to keep up with my blog last year, but am determined to keep it up to date this year. It was a rushed entry, so I am very pleased you have pointed this out.