Sunday, 24 February 2008

First frog spawn

As I opened the curtain this morning the pond surface erupted into a series of splashes as frogs struggled to hide. The two frogs that arrived earlier in the month now had company. There was already two medium sized clumps of frog spawn floating at the far end of the pond.

A while later I crept back to look at the pond (which is only about 1 metre from the conservatory widow) and again many of the frogs disappeared even before I reached the window. I did manage to count 3 pairs and 3 single frogs.

By early afternoon another two clumps of frog spawn had been laid, a medium clump and a very small clump. I counted about another 6 single frogs during the day. A few frogs live in our garden all year round but the pond is visited by many others, I counted about 45 last year. A large number even come throught the front gate, along the side of the house to the back garden. On very rare occasions they are already paired together and it looks a bit like some bizzare three legged race.

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