Thursday, 14 February 2008

Woodpecker, goldfinches and Jay

Walking our daughter to school this morning I noticed a great spotted woodpecker on a tree, very low to the ground, in the Horse Sanctuary field next to Easthill Park. It was foraging in its usual manner.

As we carried on further I noticed that another woodpecker was again inspecting the holes in the tree (see previous observations below). I am hoping that they will nest as they are in a perfect spot to observe without disturbing them. Watch this space!

On the way back from dropping our daughter off, just before I reached the park I noticed a flock of goldfinches in the top branches of a tree. It was their constant chatter that alerted me to the presence. These really are delightful birds. I walked back through the park and as I passed a local school I noticed a very sleepy looking jay in the branches of a tree.

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