Monday, 6 October 2008

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Early yesterday evening a hummingbird hawk moth Macroglossum stellatarum visited the last red Valerian flowers in the corner of the garden. It zipped about, just like a hummingbird, with its very long proboscis dipping into the tiny flowers. I have seen hummingbird hawk moths from time to time in the garden, usually visiting the Red Valerian which is not surprising as Red Valerian is a Mediterranean plant species and hummingbird hawk moths migrate each year from the south of France. Hummingbird hawk moths are usually seen along the south coast between May and September. It is an example of a moth that is active during the day, so it is easy to spot.
The hawk moth is pictured below. Not an excellent photograph but is was very dull and in a dark corner.
This observation fits in well with the theme of this blog, "keep an eye out at all times because you never know what you will see or where". I had just gone out to the green house in the garden to pick some beans for our evening meal, between showers of rain, when I noticed the hummingbird hawk moth zipping past.


Jane said...

The other weekend we had a hummingbird hawk moth in the garden... I say that, but actually I didn't see it. My husband said "look a hummingbird hawk moth" by the time I looked up it had gone! (literally that fast!!) The only one of the whole year and I missed it! Typical! Still, your post has made up for it... Thanks. Jane

Steve Savage said...

This is the first one I have seen this year also. Some years are better than others. Getting a photograph is not very easy, they move around a lot and are very quick. Lots of out of focus pictures where it moved at the wrong time.


Jane said...

At least you managed to see it!