Thursday, 9 October 2008

Summer stroll

A sunny day for a change so I decided to take a quick walk around Easthill Park before I started work. Just outside the park, a great spotted woodpecker was drumming and moving around in the branches. It reached the highest most branch only to be confronted by a sleepy wood pigeon determined not to move from its spot (picture below).
The woodpecker appeared to be trying to get the pigeon to move and gave up after a few minutes. Just to my right, a red admiral butterfly flitted from flower to flower in the shrubs.
As I walked around the park I saw or heard the usual birds, blackbird, robin, dunnock, sparrow etc. One carrion crow stood out from the rest as it had some white feathers.
It seemed to be hastled from time to time by the magpies which are also very common.
Grey squirrels were very active collecting acorns which they either eat or rushed of to bury.

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