Friday, 16 January 2009

Fox courship

Late last night a courting fox came calling several times. It seemed to be doing a circuit as it could be heard first in te front garden, then the back garden and then it would trail of to the south. About half an hour later it was back again. I did not get to see it properly this time, justa shape. Last year we have three foxes that kept disappearing down the track next to our house see blog entry for 22nd January 2008.

A few days earlier I had thrown an old roll into the garden for the birds. It was still there before it got dark, in the morning it had gone. Possibly the fox stopped off for a snack.

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Jane said...

The "courting" foxes have been in my garden as well. I managed to get a bit of film of them as the Dog jumped around the Vixen (even trying to mount her at one point). She wasn't having any of it! The pairs are so devoted to each other after they mate... I always love to see them trotting around with each other (like young kid in love). Jane