Sunday, 18 January 2009

Park birds

On Saturday I was running a course at the Booth museum in Hove. I got there early so I had a walk around the park across the road. There was a lot of bird activity and many birds could be heard calling especially robin, blue tit and great tit. The park has some nicely planted areas that provide thick cover and it was here that a lot of the bird activity centred. These included robin, blue tits, great tits, dunnock and blackbirds.
There was also a very busy bumble bee visiting what I think was the flowers of a Eucalyptus tree.

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Jane said...

Hi. I was particularly interested to see the bumblebee in your post. I did a post on winter bumblebees a few weeks ago

I'd love to know a few more details of your sighting, so that I can send the details to BWARS for their survey. Date, where you were, your name and a copy of your picture would be great. You can email me at jane @ or leave the details on my blog. Many thanks. Jane