Sunday, 22 February 2009

First spawn in the pond

I noticed a pair of frogs in the pond on Friday. There was also a solitary frog on its own.

This morning I noticed two small clumps of frog spawn floating in the pond, one in the middle and the other on a shallow ledge.
Our cat has also notioced the action going on in the pond. The chances of her catching a frog are vertualy zero as the frogs react to my slight movements a metre or more away in the conservatory. We did need to rescue a couple of frogs frpom her last year. They would scream when our cat gently patted them, which effectively made our cat very wary of them.

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Jane said...

Love your frog (and cat) pictures. Send some my way (frogs that is, not the cat... although lovely I don't think it will get on with our local moggies!). We could do with some spawn. Although maybe the frogs knew that the snow was coming. 4 inches yesterday... Jane