Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow, snow, snow!

Apart from the dusting of snow we had in January this year the last decent amount of snow was last year 6th April.

View of our back garden.

As my daughter was out sledging with friends I took a walk around the Old Village (Portslade). The following are a few of the pictures I took

My favourite view of the Old Village, coming in from the west. It looks even more beautiful covered in snow - a possible contender for my home made Christmas cards next year.

A beautiful robin, singing from a bush, another Christmas card contender.

A small feeding flock of goldfinches

I walked along to Easthill Park to see what birds were around. Compared to the snowy days last year, there were very few birds around.

The blackbirds were the most active, scattering the snow so they could root around in the leaf litter.And a few blue tits (above) great tits and a chaffinch. A flock of what looked like fieldfare flew over but did not settle.

The snow created some amazing patterns on the branches of trees.

I am not sure if the ponies in the adjacent horse rescue centre appreciated the snow as much as the children.

A family were building an igloo. They had a plastic container which they used to compact snow into bricks and then used them to construct the above. Unfortunately I did not see the outcome and it they managed to get the roof to stay on.

To my surprise, our cat (which was a house cat and never been outside before we had her a coupe of years ago) was quite happy to brave the snow.

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