Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Butterfly survey

From the 4th to the 12th July was the Brighton and Hove Big Biodiversity Butterfly Count. Butterflies are use Biodiversity Indicators whose presence and distribution can be used to measure its biodiversity and health. Butterflies are particularly sensitive to changes in the habitat and as a typical insect impact on butterflies is likely to be similar to many other insects.

I undertook the survey in my own garden and despite the poor weather for much of the week still managed to record some interesting butterflies.

Large white butterflies were seen on 4 days (ranging between 1 and 4 butterflies)
Small White on two days (two butterflies each day)

Meadow Brown seen on 7 days (a single butterfly seen at one time except 12th July -sunny day)
Gate keeper was also seen on 2 days (2 each day)

Red Admiral one seen on 2 different days
Comma, only one seen

Peacock, only one seen
Speckled wood seen on three days (average of 2 butterflies each day)

Speckled wood, meadow brown and gate keeper are particularly common in my garden.

Here are a few pictures form my garden during the survey.
Meadow brown, rescued from our conservatory

Similar, but smaller, gate keeper

Speckled wood

Red Admiral

Comma, looking a bit worst for wear.

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