Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Returning swifts and mating gulls

The swifts have started to return to the nest sites, under the eaves of our next door neighbours house (Portslade Old Village). 4 swifts were flying high overhead in the laste evening yesterday. I observed one swift fly up underneath the eaves.

I look forward to their return each year and watching the coming and goings. Because our garden is higher than next door, (we are a bungalow) the swifts scream in low across our front garden close enough to touch. Many a pleasant summer evening is spent sitting in the garden just beneath their flight path or watching them from the front porch. Last year there were three nests, down one from the previous year of 4 nests.

I also saw a couple of house martin in the distance these I think nest on farm buioldings to the north of us.

The herring gulls are in full swing and seval pairs have been nest building and mating.

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