Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bees hatching

I looked out the window and saw a bee struggling in the grass. After a couple of minutes it flew away.
Then I noticed another coming out of the ground, a crack between the edge of the lawn and the paving. These bees were hatching from the ground, from eggs laid last year to hatch in the spring. Ther appeared to be solitary bees - possibly a species of mining bee.
After a few minuites I saw another bee comming out of the same crack. The best ID I have been able to make so far is Dasypoda hirtipes.

I counted 4 altogether, but there may have been others that hatched before I noticed them.

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solitarybee said...

Ooh great to have captured the moment! The ones that had a whitish tuft between their eyes may have been the males - it seems to be a feature of mining and mason male bees.

Hope to see more.