Thursday, 17 June 2010

Dirt track insect and bee survey

The dirt track is full of insect pollinators, bees, hoverflies and butterflies.

Two species of butterfly,the tortoiseshell...

...and the red admiral.
The bramble patch opposite our house was alive with bees.
This included the two banded white tailed bumble bee

Honey bees
There were also several species of hoverfly

I have been taking part in a bee survey this year Bee Aware, promoted by Brighton and Hove's Big Nature.
Without bees, we would have very few of the crops we rely on commercially as well as the beautiful flowers that surround us. They have been doing a great job in our garden with out fruit bushes, we already have strawberries and the raspberries and blue berries will be ready soon.

Bees are considered keystone species, important species that hold key roles in the ecosystem, which could break down if we loose them.

On the bramble bush I recorded 7 honey bees, 9 of the white tailed bees and one brown carder bee.

To take part in this important survey, follow the link below.

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