Sunday, 6 June 2010

The swifts air display

It is great to see the swifts and they are in full acrobatic mode now.
As mentioned in a previous blog entry, the swifts that nest ion the house nest door scream low over our front garden because our garden is much higher and we live in a bungalow
High above the swifts catch insects on the wing, then after a while two or three break away from the rest and make low level passes across our garden.
If I sit at te font of our garden, half obscured by the bushes, the swifts continue their low level flying right overhead. If I stood up I could touch them (theoretically) as they scream past.
Every now and then  one would break away from the rest and fly low and silent and then quickly zip up under the eaves to its nest.
Hopefully a few more sunny months to enjoy them before they make their return jpourney back to Africa for the winter.

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