Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bats return

This is the first evening I have seen the bats hunting in the track since the track was cleared by the council and the vegetation decimated back on the Saturday 19th June. I have kept an eye out for them on many occasions since and I have been lucky if I have had a quick glimpse of a bat flying past.

Yesterday evening the bats were back, as least three I counted in one go. First observed at 9.45pm and they weer active until about 10.15pm when they must have moved onto another area. They circled the larger trees and bushes flying back and forth along the track and as before circling above my head as they returned back down the track.
Trying to get a decent photograph is proving to be a challenge as the flash refuses to work when they are seen again the sky. Occasionally one would fly out of the track and across the road, returning a couple of minutes later.

This evening they were there again, I went outside at about 10.00pm. I managed to get this picture as it flew past the flint wall. You can see the shadow of the wings on the wall behind.
A cropped version

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