Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Herring gulls nesting update

Herring gulls chicks are now on the move. There are several nests on the roof tops along our road and the chicks are beginning to wander along the roof tops which cause the adults to be very protective.

This one decided to dive bomb me - excreting in my direction but missed by a long distance.
The herring gull chicks have perfect camouflage for rook tops.
They are either sleeping, demanding food from their parents, or exploring pecking at things that might be food.
There is also a nest on the chimney of a house behind ours, which I watch every year. One of the chicks is already trying out its wings in preparation pre-flights.

Herring gulls are fascinating to watch, getting a glimpse at courtship nest building, territorial behaviours, postures and calls.

You might be forgiven to think we are over run with herring gulls, but they are not doing so well in their natural environment earning them Red Status for conservation.

While I occasionally find my self being dived on by herring gulls, I am a great fan

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