Friday, 2 June 2017

Slow-worms enjoying the sun

The slow-worms in my garden have been enjoying the recent spell of hot weather. These beautiful legless lizards are delightful and of course completely harmless. They do in fact help the garden as they will eat small slugs and other garden pests.
They have been basking in different locations in our garden and I think there are at least 5 individuals as they differ in size, colour and whether their tail is still intact.

I rescued this little chap (or chap-ess) as it was about to slither into a bag of garden green waste while I was gardening destined for the green bin.
(I always tie them once I have finished to prevent frogs or other animals climbing inside)

This poor slow-worm was next to our green house on a very rainy day.
I thought it was dead at first, but it was alive but very cold. I brought it inside and warmed it with my hands.
Once it recovered I released it back in the garden in a safe dry spot.

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