Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Cat that eats flies, spiders.

We have a cat that loves to eat flies and spiders, which would probably please most people but I am happy with my invert garden visitors. This interest in hunting flies etc is partly due to the fact that her previous owners kept her in a flat and she only ever went outside on the balcony. For personal reasons the owner had to give Hera up and over a period of time we got her used to going outside. I noticed recently that she walks right past the solitary bees I have been watching (much to my relief). Today a bumblebee came into the conservatory and buzzed round and round Hears head. I was about to jump in a separate them, but Hera did not try to eat it. When we first let her outside, she was always trying to eat bees and wasps. I think she must have be stung and has now learnt to avoid them.

On the way down the road to the shops I noticed a dead peacock butterfly on pavement

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