Thursday, 22 May 2008

Damselflies and goldfinch

Yesterday's observations. I managed to chase two damselflies (clasped together) out of the conservatory. If not they end up dead behind the curtain. They flew off across the garden and formed the heartshape courtship position.
About 10 minutes later they flew off, still clasped together to the pond. There were three pairs laying eggs in the pond and several single damselflies.
In the evening, while I was watering he garden, I noticed a goldfinch singing from TV ariel across the road. It would fly off to the tree behind our house and back again. There was a quick squabbling with another goldfinch.

This morning the goldfinch was singing from the same tv ariel. As I walked our daughter to school I noticed both great tits and at least one coal tit in the trees outside the local school. As we reached Easthill we saw a thrush with nestingmaterials in its beak fly over the wall and into the walled garden. I had a look on the way back. I did not see the thrush but there was a beautiful robin singing. A warbler of some kind was singing from a high branch but I could not tell what speies because of the angle.

Back home and the goldfinch was singing from another tv ariel alternating with tree top end of garden. I went up stairs and got a clear view from the loft window. (The goldfinch was not visible from the ground).

This evening I noticed a baby grasshopper on the lawn out the back

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