Sunday, 19 June 2011

Caterpillars, Ladybirds, Slowworm and Herring gull

Still lots of bees, hoverflies and lady birds on the bramble in the track just outside our house. I noticed this very striking caterpillar called a Vapourer (a species of moth)
It is common in urban areas, the caterpillar feeds on almost any deciduous tree foliage and can become a pest.

I also noticed that amongst the lady birds on the bramble were a couple of damaged specimens.

There was also a pair of ladybirds mating

I lifted an old piece of damaged concrete path edging in the back garden and curled underneath was this slowworm

I have continued to observe the herring gull nest on the chimney of the house behind ours. I have come to the conclution that they have lost one of their two chicks.
The chick that remains is very vocal and active. The last two years this pair have successfully reared two chicks.

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