Friday, 10 June 2011

Herring gull family, swift aerobatics and singing blackbird

The second herring gull pair I have been watching, on the roof seen from the front of our house, have three chicks. They also managed to produce to young last year, whereas the nest I have been watching from the back of our house only has two chicks again this year.
These three chicks are every active and vulnerable to falling off the roof. The parents become quite defensive towards passerby when the chicks are wandering.

The swifts have returned and since early May they have been flying high much of the time.
Now they are diving and screeching over our garden as the pass the nests in the eaves of next doors house.

The blackbird now sings from our roof much more frequently now the tree in our back neighbours garden has been cut down.
The tree was its favourite singing post. Blackbird has to be one of the most beautiful and musical of bird song.

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