Sunday, 5 April 2009

Bees, bees and bee-fly

A nice sunny Sunday and lots of birds passing through, blue tits, goldfinch, greenfinch and more The blackbirds are still busy nest building.

The Valerie fish plant has been visited the last few days by a small black bee the same as last year. I think its Anthophoba plumipes. The female is mainly black and the male is brown.

The grape hyacinth plants are spreading across our garden again this year. Up until now I have found these plants a bit of a pain. Yesterday, the first time ever I discovered that they visited by insects and will view them in a different light from now on. Several tiny little bees (not sure of species yet) were busy visiting the tiny little bell flowers.
Later during the day I noticed a bee-fly hovering around the rockery. This I took the picture below while it was resting.

Our front (yellow) wall catches the last of the sun and is a nice little heat trap.
This attracted three bumble bees, several hoverflies and even a bee-fly sunning themselves I the warm evening sun.

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