Saturday, 11 April 2009

Drizzly day activity

It drizzled with rain yesterday, but I was surprised to see the black female bee still visiting the flowers. She disappeared just before the heavy showers and re-appeared afterwards. A pair of goldfinch were feeding in the apple tree in the garden behind ours.
Another drizzly day and the goldfinches were in the apple tree several times today. At one point, one of the goldfinch spent a long time preening its feathers.

This may be pair considering nesting as they seem to do a fair amount of singing from the same TV ariels, chimney and tree top.

A blue tit crossed from the apple tree to the bird-fat ball hanging at the end of the garden. Anyone who has been following this blog will remember that this was an attempt to encourage birds into the garden. Many birds pass the end of our garden on a flight path but as our garden is shorter they don't come into the garden in large numbers. This has had limited success. The thing with birds and bird feeders is they may take months to discover them and then become a regular feeding stop off. So when you start to pout food out for birds, its worth persevering

I also noticed a chiffchaff foraging in the apple tree. The male blackbird seemed to be collecting food today, possibly for the female if she is on a nest.

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